BUT, not all Vitamin C serums are created equal ..Investing in a quality product will ensure the Vitamin C you are using is stable, safe and of course, effective.

Our Top Picks For Every Skin Type… Discover What's Right For You


These two Vit C icons from iS Clinical are go-to’s for skin aficionados world-wide.

Super Serum: your daily Vitamin C with added anti-ageing benefits, promoting skin uniformity and brightness. An INÈS favourite that's uniqulely formalated with Copper TriPeptides one of our favourite ingredients to optimum skin health.

Pro Heal: suited to those with skinflammation, redness or breakouts. Formulated with Vit E & A + Olive Leaf to increase antioxidant protection & soothe compromised skin


Get instant glow with this supercharged vitamin C sèrum oil that infuses 15% THD Ascorbate in a hydrating cocktail of 14 vitamin C-rich fruit extracts, herbs and marine botanicals.

Instant radiance.


What does this product not do! Amongst the line-up of high powered skincare ingredients, this multipurpose formula includes Vit C to offer full day protection while delivering smoother, brighter looking skin.

Suited to those who want a lot from their serum.


The latest in our line up, and the one we’re currently loving. This uber sustainable and potent formula PACKED with antioxidants, HA, B3, and mighty botanicals helps neutralize free radicals throughout the day, hydrates & brightens complexions and evens out skin damage.

Creamy, and nourishing, it’s a dream on the skin & suitable for sensitive skin too. 5 Stars