Buy less, not more.

Less isn’t only more, so to speak. Less is better. Inspired by and built on a need to simplify your routine, and potentially your life, U Beauty’s patented delivery system enables the Resurfacing Compound to do more with less product. Because this single multi-functional product replaces the work of six. All it takes is 1-2 pumps massaged over clean, dry skin and several days to see results.

Less isn’t only more, so to speak. Less is better.

Instant gratification doesn’t always lead to long-term satisfaction.

The beauty industry standard is to continuously deliver higher, stronger, more potent actives (as in, ingredients like retinol and AHA) to your skin for bigger, better results. That approach doesn’t give you a long-term healthy benefit. Those results will diminish as quickly as they arrived. You don’t need plenty of products loaded with large quantities of actives. You need good, efficient products with integrity that won’t ultimately overload and overwhelm your skin.

The Compound works on not one but two levels.

Ready for a quick science lesson? Science-backed skincare means legitimate results, so here goes: With highly effective key ingredients of hyaluronic acid, peptides, stabilized retinol, vitamins C and E (, antioxidants and AHA, it works on two levels of the skin: on its surface and beneath its top layer. On the surface of the skin, the Compound gently sloughs away dead skin and decongests pores. This helps reveal brighter, softer, smoother-looking skin, along with smaller pores and diminished fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Beneath the skin’s top layer, the SIREN capsule lures free radicals to it like a magnet. As the free radical penetrates the capsule, the SIREN’s ingredients are released where they’re needed most. They instantly begin to encourage collagen and elastin production, plump the skin from within and fill in the spaces between skin cells to promote a stronger moisture barrier. Skin is nourished from within and resurfaced on the top layer.

They Tell You Whats Up

Too much information? When it comes to information, well, less is more. U Beauty want you to know as much as possible because what you put on your body’s largest organ matters! That’s why they disclose their product’s ingredients and delivery method, so you know you’re making the best choices for your skin and health. It’s not just about listing the ingredients on the side of the packaging and it’s certainly not about highlighting the best, natural ones while conveniently leaving out the presence of filler and chemical ingredients. Candor, simplicity and results…. The refreshing philosophy of U Beauty that resonates closely our own approach at INÈS.