Each iS Clinical formula is meticulously created with pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, offering transformative effects for common skin concerns. With a combined force of advanced scientific formulations and traditional botanical medicine, iS Clinical products merge the best of plants and science. Just what we want in our skincare! Simple, safe, pregnancy friendly, and most importantly- effective.

The undeniable stars of this show, are their iconic treatment serums. Each treatment offers a solution for specific skin concerns- often hitting multiple birds with one powerful stone, so to speak.

So, if your skin is in need of a punchy solution, read on below to discover what iS Clinical serum might be just the panacea for you….


iS Clinical’s top selling & hero product, Active Serum - a fast acting formula that shows results within a couple of days.

Formulated with 4 different types of naturally derived AHA’s and BHA’s- this serum is designed to actively resurface the skin, exfoliate, dissolve dirt, reduce dark spots and hydrate. Don’t be alarmed by a tingly sensation- this is just all the actives at work.

And whilst Active Serum will help banish acne and prevent future breakouts- it’s also a fantastic anti-ager and overall skin brightener.

A multi action product that has remarkable results for all skin types and all ages. We suggest using as a standalone serum in your PM routine, ensuring to wear SPF during the day.

"I always recommend this serum for those with blemish-prone skin who are also trying to minimise signs of ageing. This formula helps to gently exfoliate for clearer, brighter skin." - Shani Darden


A powerful Vitamin C formula with soothing olive leaf and pure vitamin E and A- this serum will boost antioxidant protection, while helping improve the appearance of skin compromised by cystic acne, aggravation, and rosacea. For skin in need of some healing, calming and rejuvenation- this could be the one for you.

Can be used both day and night to combat severe acne, or during the day as a protective antioxidant solution. Full to the brim with potent antioxidants, this serum offers so many anti-ageing benefits too!

TIP: if you are sensitive to Vitamin C, this solution might be a little strong for you.

"For blemish- or rosacea-prone skin with aging concerns, I love iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum. It contains vitamins C, E, and A for healing, calming, and rejuvenating the skin."-Shani Darden


A powerful vitamin C formula with the added bonus of Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor (one of our favourite skincare ingredients).

This daily antioxidant serum is excellent for those looking to brighten their skin tone, even out texture, smooth fine lines and improve the look of scars. A daily vitamin C serum with powerful botanical antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage, this is a go-to day serum for team INÈS

"An antioxidant serum is an essential part of my morning routine. iS Clinical’s Super Serum is amazing for brightening and protecting skin, and also at helping to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots."-Shani Darden


This hydroquinone- free de pigment formula is iS Clinical’s treatment for those wanting to minimise the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone. A powerful serum that offers a safe solution to skin brightening, with added moisturising properties to boost skins hydration.

We love this formula as it addresses all five mechanisms that contribute to hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and ageing. Offering gentle controlled exfoliation through fruits acids, plant sources to help lighten and brighten, and natural hydrators to keep skin moisturised.

Complexion rejuvenation in a bottle.