Our gastrointestinal health is always connected to any skin issues, especially if you are suffering from intestinal hyperpermeability. Minimise inflammatory foods (sugar, wheat, dairy, processed salt) and support and nourish your intestinal microbiome.

Aloe vera, bone broths, collagen and chlorophyll- rich juices are all your GI tracts best friend


As the Lung organ system governs the skin, toning the Lungs is key. Lung Qi tonics and breathing exercises can profoundly benefit the skin. Our lungs are one of our major defences against the outside world (namely pathogens and bacteria).

When our immunity is deficient, what often happens? Breakouts and dryness! Our lungs also control our skin’s respiration; this includes controlling the pores and sweat glands.

To tone and support lung function, we love Tremella and Schizandra


Stress will absolutely trigger eczema and psoriasis and other skin conditions (the kidneys and liver are involved and they will feel it when we get hot under the collar, literally creating heat in our bodies!). Burnout and exhaustion shows up on your skin.

Two of the world's most beloved ancient remedies for stress are Ashwagandha and Reishi. Both used to support the stress response, calm the mind, promote peaceful sleep and of course- skin health

Two of the world's most beloved ancient remedies for stress are Ashwagandha and Reishi.


If there is a toxic load present and your liver is under pressure, skin issues are more likely to arise. The liver supports the movement of blood and the suppleness of the tendons and ligaments of the body. We’ll have more buoyant skin (less wrinkles!), a radiant glow and less pigmentation if the liver is happy.

We love Beauty Blend, MSM and Schizandra to give the liver some extra love, to keep the blood flowing and help keep the nasties out


There are many toxic factors in our environment that can contribute to the health of your skin. Eliminating toxicity from both your diet and lifestyle, is key. 

MSM assists with our detox pathways, while Beauty Blend is high in antioxidants to assit in healing from oxidative stress.


Sex hormone imbalance can often be one of the core causative factors of skin issues. By toning the liver, by nourishing your GI tract and by being mindful of stress you are already supporting the health of your sex hormones.

We love Beauty Blend and JING for homronal support. I Am Gaia is also amazing for women, designed to support blood, liver, kidney and spleen health and ensure a healthy flow of female hormones throughout the cycle

Go forth, and radiate