As always, keep things simple and purposeful. The key to any good evening routine is being consistent.

Step 1. Double Cleanse

We deem a double cleanse essential at night. The first to remove makeup, SPF and debris from the day. We suggest using a milk or oil cleanser, followed by a second cleanse to deep-clean the pores and prepare the skin for the products to follow. Here we suggest a gel cleanser to thoroughly cleanse and revitalise skin.

Step 2. Gentle Chemical exfoliation

A vital part of a night-time regime is exfoliation. Using a gentle exfoliator will work away dead skin cells and strengthen your acid mantle (the skin’s protective barrier). We like to use chemical exfoliators containing Poly-, Alpha- and Beta-Hydroxy Acids to even out skin texture, promote cell turnover and in turn leave the skin brighter, smoother and more supple.

TIP: Use a cotton round, pressing gently the product into the face, neck and décolleté with firm but gentle pressure – try to swipe across the face.

Think of your evening skincare routine as the time to treat, repair and restore skin

Step 3. Serums

Expert serums target specific concerns and depending on your skin’s needs you should introduce a corrective formulation such as retinal for anti-ageing and brightening, or an acid based serum to help reduce breakouts.

Serums can be layered together, however, we don’t recommend more than two at a time. And be careful the ingredients are not competing or reacting against eachother - read our article : Lessons In Layering to learn more.

Step 4. Eye Cream

If you’re only going to use eye cream once per day, apply it at night (although twice daily is ideal). This delicate area is worth paying attention to, especially at night when your skin goes through a natural process of renewal and results of your treatment will be optimised.

Step 5. Moisturiser

The final step in your evening routine is to lock in all the hard-working products layered before it as well as a much-needed dose of hydration. Even if your skin is on the oiler or more congested side don’t skip this step - instead, look for a lightweight water-based gel cream.



Applied after your moisturiser, oils lock in the active ingredients from the products you’ve applied prior, hydrating the skin and even balancing out the skin’s natural sebum (oil) production overnight.

TIP : Be sure this is your very last step, as other products won’t be able to penetrate its veil.


Masks also deserve a consistent place in evening regimes as they will supercharge results and expertly tackle skin woes. However they shouldn’t be done daily, instead select one or two nights a week with a targeted mask.