3 Skincare Commandment To Follow This Summer

As with all changes in the season, you’ll find the need to adapt your skincare accordingly. It’s not about a complete overhaul but a few tweaks are required to prepare you for the extra sun, beach days and travel.

Here’s our 3 rules we swear by to keep your skin fresh, hydrated and protected during summer.


Swap out your oil or cream cleanser for a lighter gel cleanser that will help soothe irritated skin and gently remove all traces of impurities to reduce the chances of breakouts – these gentle yet effective cleansers are lightweight, oil free and leave skin feeling extra fresh for this warmer weather.

Our top pics Dr Rogers Restore Cleanser, iS Clinical Cleansing ComplexShani Darden Cleansing Serum

Change over your rich creams and moisturisers for a lightweight lotion or gel that won’t clog pores and during the day ditch your moisturiser all together and opt for a sunscreen that offers adequate hydration

Top Picks …. Doctor Rogers Restore Lotion, iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion, iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum

Heavy foundation can be swapped out for a lighter solution such as a BB Cream or Tinted Sunscreen to prevent congestion as well as offering a light, dewy coverage which preferable for summer skin. Better combine your sunscreen, moisturiser and BB cream in one with Suntegrity 5-1

Top Picks : Suntegrity 5-1, Bioderma BB Cream, Eclipse SPF50 Tint


A summer essential is daily use of a Vitamin C. When applied in the AM it will not only enhance your sun protection, it will also protect your skin from pollution and free radical damage, promote collagen production as well as brighten your complexion. A true multi-tasker and important for any summer skin routine. Our favourite? iS Clinical Super Serum 

As always SPF is crucial but in summer you need to up the ante. Reapply every few hours and remember the sunscreen in your makeup won’t provide adequate protection. Never go lower than SPF30 + and know that sunscreen has come a long way – you can find one suitable for your complexion whether its mattifying, hydrating, tinted or not… and remember there is not such thing as a ‘safe tan’, if you want a bit of colour, opt for faux tan using next generation formulas from Vita Liberata. Once you try these beautiful, clean, streak and smell free treatments you’ll never look back… trust us they’re better than the real thing.


Don’t stop your skincare rituals just because the sun is out. We recommend using your retinols all year around - even in summer. Yes, retinoids can make skin a little more sensitive to sunlight, but if you are wearing your SPF and not over exposing your skin to the sun (which is essential if you’re serious about looking after it), all is well in the retinol department. Only if you know you’ll be in the sun a lot on holiday – rest the retinol and opt for a treatment such as iS Clinical Active Serum or a brightening anti-pigmentation treatment at night such as Bright Lightening Treatments from iS Clinical.

Exfoliation is important during summer to remove dead skin cells, sunscreen and makeup – this will help regulate oil production which increases in summer, keep blemishes at bay and help skin with clarity and smoothness. Our favourites include Josh Rosebrook Daily Acid Toner, Cane & Austins Pads and Codage Peel Lotion … other excellent treatments include a weekly exfoliating masque such as Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask and iS Clinical Tri Exfoliant Masque.

If you need something more purifying - we’re obsessed with results from Josh Rosebrook's Cacao Mask and Codage Purifying Mask



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