With summer officially here, now is the time to rethink your skincare regime.  Summer can be particularly harsh on your skin so it’s important to adopt a routine that will help manage & protect your skin. Here we’ve listed our top 5 summertime-skin rules we live by.


Lighten Up

Now is the time to swap out your heavier hydrating oil or milk cleansers for a lighter gel cleanser or micellar water.

Oil secretion is higher during summer and these lightweight and gentle formulas like Biodermas Sensibio Gel Cleanser and Sensibio H20 will ensure perfectly cleansed and fresh feeling skin - as well as keeping potential breakouts at bay.


The Non-Negotiable. Vitamin C. 

The absolutely essential ingredient for summer is Vitamin C. Products that include Vitamin C help protect skin from sun damage and free radicals.

Including a Vitamin C serum such as The Ordinary Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% will not only help protect the skin against future sun damage but also brighten skin tone, reduce discolouration, stimulate collagen production and minimise fine lines.  An absolute must have ingredient for your summer skin line up.



We always advise year-round, daily application of SPF 50 to keep your skin in optimal condition. However, should you have down-graded your SPF in winter (or worse not used one) now is the time to be vigilant with SPF application. We suggest reapplying several times through the day as well as wearing a wide-brim hat if you’re outside.

Cane and Austin’s Weightless Sunscreen is our go-to sun saviour as it offers extremely high protection yet is super lightweight and hydrating giving a dewy glow over or under makeup. The perfect petite bottle to carry with you for re-application during the day.


Exfolation Essential 

Regular exfoliation is crucial during summer months to ensure excess oil, layers of sunscreen and the days makeup is properly removed. Regular exfoliation will slough off dead skin cells and get rid of excess dirt that your cleanser won’t remove – all whilst making room for fresh cells to grow which is crucial for healthy and radiant skin.

Aim to exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a gentle acid exfoliant like Cane & Austin Miracle Pads. If your shoulders, back or limbs are prone to lumps, bumps and ingrown hairs, look to exfoliate with Cane & Austin’s Body Pads which powerfully and gently resurface the thicker skin on your body.


Hydrate Your Skin 

Whilst it’s a good idea to swap out your heavy creams for lighter moisturisers to avoid congestion, be sure not to skip hydrating skin even if you’re feeling it’s oily or blemish prone.

NIODs MMHC is an extremely light (water weight) serum that powerfully hydrates skin deeply. Because it’s so lightweight it makes the perfect serum for summer and for those prone to breakouts.

During the day MMHC plus a hydrating SPF should suffice. And at night MMHC layered with a lightweight moisturiser such as Sensibio Light, NIOD Hydration Vaccine or Sebium Global will hydrate skin beautifully without leaving a greasy layer.  





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