Here’s our top 5 tips…

Lighten UP

Swapping your cleanser and moisturiser for something a little lighter is key. Our skin tends to hold more water when the weather warms up so you won’t need as much protection with heavier solutions. We love the Circumference Daily Regenerative Cleaner - a lightweight gel that smells heavenly with bergamot, sweet orange and jasmine … the perfect revitalising spring cleanser.

Our favourite warm weather hydrator? iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion, a hybrid serum and moisturiser - this lightweight formula deeply hydrates without being too heavy on skin and leaves behind the loveliest dewy glow.

Embrace ACIDS and Exfoliate The Right Way.

Gentle and expert acid solutions work beautifully to slough off dead skin cells and unblock pores - the ideal antidote to the build-up of heavy products and old, dull winter skin.

Gone are the days of harsh exfoliators that mircro tear your skin or cause strong reactions. Opt for a gentle exfoliating toner - these fast-penetrating liquids deliver a hit of hydration and remove dead cells from the surface. Skin is instantly lifted, and revivied.

To get skin in optimum conidtion – treat it to a exfoliating solution followed by a revitalising mask. You can do this a few times a week and skin will be new in no-time. All skin types can benefit from this ritual – it’s like an in-clinic facial at-home.

To get skin smooth, glowy and hydrated – treat it to a exfoliating solution followed by a revitalising mask. You can do this a few times a week and skin will be new in no-time


Apply and RE-APPLY your SPF through the day. Spring is in-fact a high risk time for sun damage – whilst the weather is warmer it’s still mild so you may not feel how strong the sun is and how much damage is happening.

Apply your SPF, morning, midday and afternoon and certainly reapply before any outdoor activity.

Time To Tan

After months of hiding away those scratchy, pale limbs it time to start the prep and get that sun kissed tan.

For a natural glow opt for a gradual tan solution that builds up and subtly enhances skin tone over time.

Be sure to follow the rules of fake tan - gently exfoliating any dry skin away and leftover oil on skin to ensure the application and tan is even. Best results are with hydrated and smooth skin - so be sure to use an oil free moisturiser between applications to not only prolong the tan but to help maintain an even colour.

TIP: Shaving is your friend (not foe)! Shaving doesn’t just remove unwanted hair it also gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells for softer limbs, therefore helping with a smoother application.

Spring Clean

The most simple and important piece of the puzzle – have a good clean out of anything that’s pasts its expiry (all products have a 6-9-12 month symbol on them) check dates and streamline … this is not only great for your skin but nice for your head space too.