Our guide to prepping your limbs for spring.
The clocks are forward, the suns out, and we’re stepping into a fresh lighter weight wardrobe at long last.

This shift in temperature sees limbs emerging from hibernation- scaly and sun deprived. Fret not! we have some tricks up our sleeve to ease this seasonal transition and have you looking healthy, radiant and ready for Spring.

Discover our quick fix remedies for Spring ready skin


The number one step to renewed, invigorated skin is exfoliation. Buffing away dead skin not only leaves limbs smooth, and healthy, but allows for efficient application of creams and tans to follow.

Introduce the ritual of dry body brushing, even a quick 2 minutes before your shower can slough away layers of dead skin and promote circulation.

For the ultimate in-shower exfoliation, we love Codage Exfoliating Balme- enriched with macadamia oil and shea butter, hydrating while it exfoliates.

For a scrub with a little more punch, try Cane and Austin’s Face and Body Scrub formulated with glycolic and salicylic acids- offering chemical and mechanical exfoliation for baby soft skin.


From aiding detoxification to sweeping away dead skin cells and supporting circulation, dry brushing offers benefits to your internal and external health. Dry body brushing is not only our favourite form of exfoliation, it also helps with skin concerns such as keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin), as well as help with the appearance of lumpy texture or fluid retention.

Our pick? Joanna Vargas’ Ritual brush. A sturdy bristled brush designed with an oval shaped head and removable handle to target all areas.

TIP: Try brushing before your morning shower for an invigorating start to the day.


We maaay have skimped on this step during months of hibernation- so now is the time to nourish your limbs for a smoother more hydrated appearance. No scales, no flakes.

Moisturise your body directly after the shower, when your skin is still damp. We love lathering a nourishing body oil from top to toe- we’re addicted to Leonor Greyl’s oil offering, the Magnolia and Secret Huile de Beaute both deeply hydrate the skin, leaving it with a golden glow. Embryolisse’s Huile de Beaute is a new classic, with its nostalgic scent and dry to the touch finish.

Oils not your thing? Try Codage Body Milk. This ultra-luxe body lotion is like a serum for your body- concentrated in hyaluronic acid and shea butter, its lightweight and extremely nourishing.


A healthy glow can make the world of difference when it comes to transitioning out of winter and feeling good in new season wares. Our range from Vita Liberata offers clean, organic and totally natural colour from top to toe.

Whether it’s the Gradual Tan to build a subtle tint, pHenomenal Mousse for a long lasting colour, or cult favorite Body Blur to blur imperfections and impart a healthy bronzed glow. Make sure skin is buffed and smoothed before application and apply tan with Vita Liberata’s tanning mitt for an even and streak free finish.

TIP: Don’t use an oil or moisturiser on the day that you apply your self-tanning products. Skin should be clean and bare. .


Last but not least- a healthy complexion is the best accompaniment to any outfit.

When tanning your body- extend this process to your face, applying product sparingly for a subtle sunkissed effect. Vita Liberata pHenomenal tan imparts an incredible natural hue of bronze, its subtle enough for the face, and you can apply makeup just a few moments after application.

For a truly glowing complexion, try Vita Liberata’s Beauty Blur . This sheer tint primer covers, corrects and adds natural radiance for optimal skin tone. It instantly blurs imperfections for a flawless looking complexion. Wear alone or under makeup.

Et Voila, Spring Ready.


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