5 Soothing Solutions To Help Relieve Stress

Discover our top herbal therapies proven to take the edge off, soothe the soul, and even aid with sleep.

If you’re feeling the weight of the world, overwhelmed with the many stressor’s life is throwing our way… we have a few remedies up our sleeve that may be of help.

These are gentle alternatives are solutions we use, and love, daily.


Ashwagandha contains a full spectrum of healing properties, most commonly used for its ability to reduce anxiety, strengthen the body against stress and promote a sense of calm. Considered one of the most beneficial super herbs used commonly in practice by some of the world’s top integrative medical professionals.

We take daily at night to aid a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

ANANDAMIDE Bliss Alchemy Blend

Boost your hot chocolate or smoothies with this yummy blend of raw heirloom cacao + Sunpotion adaptogens known to support anxiety, stress, energy and clarity, plus herbs and spices for a punchy pick-me-up. A blend designed to harmonize the nervous, digestive and immune systems.


One of The Beauty Chef’s most sought after products- ( that customers (& us) swear by). Listed as a therapeutic medicine- this turmeric night time tonic helps soothe nerves and deepen sleep, with natural sedatives, lemon balm, sour cherry and passionflower... it truly does help.

Mix with water or make a warm, creamy golden milk and drift into a deep slumber... for the ultimate soothing elixir mix SLEEP & Ashwagandha together

REISHI The Queen Healer

This medicinal mushroom has been used to support well-being for over 2,000 years in China and Japan. Amongst the numerous benefits of Reishi, is its ability to help chill you out and get better sleep.

When consumed continuously in small doses, Reishi is said to help your body adapt to stress, strengthen immunity, offer anti-inflammatory effects and provide a high amount of antioxidants.


Our favourite female formula. Made specially for women- this curated blend of herbs and adaptogens have been selected for their abilities to nourish feminine energy and bring calm.

Each super-herb is hand selected to support hormonal balance, libido, creative energy, stress relief, emotional balance, longevity and skin radiance.

Image: Pooja Mor by Janne Rugland x Costume Magazine


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