Skin sensitivity- one of the more common concerns we hear about here at INÈS. Those who suffer reactive skin will know how unrelenting facial flare ups can be.

First things first- this is relative to everyone. Sensitivity isn’t necessarily a skin type. Whilst some are more prone to it than others, reactive skin is something that can occur to even the hardiest of skin types. Be it environmental, diet, a reaction to a product, stress, pregnancy, air travel, facial procedures -you name it, there are many triggers that can cause our skin to throw a great big tantrum.

So, how to tackle this all too common concern? As usual, we go by the adage ‘less is more’- taking a step back from your daily regime and swapping out your rich or active products for those that are more calming and restorative. Whether you are a long term sufferer of sensitivity, or you're prone to the occasional flare up, read on to discover our tried and tested products you can rely upon to bring some chill to your complexion.



Give your skin a break from cleansers that are harsh or stripping of your skin. We recommend putting down the AHA’s and BHA’s and using a gentle cleanser that will effectively remove the day, with zero irritation. Our absolute go to is Dr Rogers RESTORE Face Wash. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, and formulated with only 8 hypo-allergenic plant based ingredients, this simple cleanser does the job and does it well. Skin is left clean with no irritation or tightness.



Swap out your active serums (e.g. retinols, or high dose Vitamin Cs) and opt for a more restorative solution. Our go-to? CODAGE No.7. Formulated to sooth and hydrate skin, while reducing all kinds of redness and inflammation- this silky serum has an immediate effect on the complexion. It ticks all the boxes- moisturising, reparative and anti-redness.



Keeping skin nourished is important when tackling uncomfortable skin. Often exacerbated by cold conditions or a shift in season, dry and tight skin are common complaints when it comes to sensitivity. MARA Universal Oil is a natural, non-toxic face oil free from all common irritants, rich in essential fatty acids and high in antioxidants. It’s rich enough to nourish and gentle enough to soothe. Use this oil every other day- either adding two or three drops into your daily moisturiser for boosted hydration, or applying a thin layer underneath.



From Bioderma’s iconic Sensibio range (designed with sensitive skin in mind) Anti Redness is a French pharmacy hero when it comes to calming inflamed skin. Opt as your daily moisturiser, morning and night. Not only does this calming cream give immediate relief and hydration, it also reduces redness in the long term. WIN.



Last but not least- Dr Rogers RESTORE is a must have in everyone’s kit. An all-natural healing balm designed to soothe and heal dry damaged skin. Like petroleum based ointments of the past.. which are a no go in our books.. RESTORE healing balm supports the skin to heal, naturally. Formulated without any ingredients that can slow down the healing process or irritate skin further, RESTORE can be applied directly to eczema patches, dryness or chapped skin. It’s also the best lip balm we know


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