Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and the bottom line is, no hair care routine is complete without scalp care. Not treating your scalp properly can result in unwanted build up (dry shampoo, styling products, oils) all of which contribute to oily roots, dandruff, itchiness and hair losing its vitality, becoming weaker and thinner, appearing dull and lifeless.

A pioneer when it comes to scalp concerns, Christophe Robin launched his Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt in 2013. This one of a kind scrub proved to be an instant success, receiving countless awards worldwide and becoming a staple for scalp wellness.

And now, to complete his iconic detox ritual, Christophe Robin has created the detangling Gelée with Sea Minerals. Combined with the scalp scrub, this duo forms the perfect detox treatment: a delicate balance between purifying, strengthening and pampering actions to give your scalp and hair a fresh start.

"My Cleansing Purifying Scrub with sea salt provides a fresh start for the scalp. To maximise the effects, I have developed my Detangling Gelée with sea minerals, an essential 2nd step for a complete detox ritual." - Christophe Robin


DETOXIFY with the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Similar to skin exfoliation, a scalp detox involves applying cleansing and pore clearing ingredients to draw out impurities and restore shine and vibrancy to hair.

Initially developed to help with scalp irritation after colour treatment, Christophe Robin Purifying Scrub works as a total re-set for the hair and scalp. It’s an intensely purifying treatment that unclogs pores, exfoliates and hydrates the scalp - working wonders for any issues like sensitivity, flaking or itchiness.

Result: A healthy, balanced and soothed scalp that feels comfortable and refreshed. Hair looks shiny and stays clean and bouncy for longer.


STRENGTHEN with the Detangling Gelée 

At the heart of the detangling Gelée with sea minerals’ formula, a cocktail of zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium have been expertly selected to strengthen the scalp and hair hair is deeply hydrated while shine and vitality are restored.

The fresh gel texture detangles without weighing the hair down and with its ultra-concentrated formula, it delivers the efficiency of a mask without the leave-in time. 

Result: The scalp and hair are strengthened, hydrated and re-mineralised. The hair’s vitality is restored, leaving it bouncy. As a weekly ritual, this routine gives hair a fresh and invigorating new start.


Everyday TIPS

- Alternate the scrub and the Purifying Shampoo with Jujube Bark Extract for frequent use. It works in perfect harmony with the Scalp Scrub and also acts in a more targeted way to eliminate dandruff

- Brush your hair gently. A small gesture but so important for your hair and scalp. Regular brushing is essential for stimulating blood circulation, which is responsible for hair growth as well as oxygenating and removing impurities from the scalp.

- Avoid silicones. Used in many formulas, silicones settle on the scalp and coat the hair’s lengths for instant shine. However, this chemical compound is not soluble in water and tends to cling to the scalp and hair, smothering them and eventually suffocating the scalp and leaving hair dull and brittle.

- Use only a small amount of shampoo. Too much shampoo that is not properly rinsed leaves residue on the scalp and smothers it. All you need is a small amount, lathered with warm water and applied to the scalp only. The foam will spread through the hair’s lengths for gentle cleansing

- Try to avoid Dry Shampoo

- Maintain a healthy diet that’s good for your hair. The liver is connected to the scalp and a healthy diet is also key. Foods that are rich in omega 3, vitamins and minerals will make your hair happy.

- Take the time to properly massage to stimulate the blood supply and maximize cleanliness so you can leave more time between washes.




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