Medik8 believes in soothing the underlying cause of redness. Their Calmwise™ range (as its name suggests) is an ultra-soothing collection of products, especially designed to address the concerns of redness sufferers. The range restores the skin’s protective lipid barrier to effectively minimise flushing as a result of environmental aggravation. Each product is enriched with the best calming actives, including patented teprenone which helps to prolong the life of skin cells.

Calmwise helps to reduce inflammation and swelling within the skin while soothing discomfort. The overall appearance of redness is reduced, uneven skin is smoothed and surface heat and irritation are soothed.


Calmwise Serum (or Red Alert Serum as it was previously known) was the original product that kicked off Medik8 from humble beginnings. Medik8 founder, Elliot Isaacs, developed this revolutionary serum for his sister who suffered from constant redness and highly sensitive skin. Elliot crafted an extremely effective and easy to use serum, which was the solution to his sister’s sensitive skin. Medik8 was born and Calmwise Serum remains a best seller to this day!

The ultimate restorative serum, this intelligent anti-redness treatment supports sensitive skin by prolonging the life of skin cells. By improving the skin’s natural barrier function, it combats various kinds of redness, including flare-ups caused by environmental stress, irritants and dryness. Sore, damaged skin is left looking calm and feeling comfortable. Teprenone is the key active ingredient, which has been found to visibly reduce red, reactive skin in just one month.

The soothing formula is designed specifically for sensitised skin but is also non-comedogenic so won’t aggravate acne, making it a the perfect treatment to calm the redness often associated with breakouts.

Sore, damaged skin is left looking calm and feeling comfortable.

CALMWISE Colour Correct Cream

A complete anti-redness and anti-ageing cream designed to prevent flare-ups and provide instant coverage, this multi-award-winning oil-free moisturiser not only instantly disguises flushed skin; but provides soothing and instant relief for all types of redness including rosacea, thread veins and redness from blemishes.

Formulated with mineral green pigments that quickly blend with your skin tone upon application, redness is instantly neuturalised for a more even complexion making it the perfect moisturiser/primer under makeup or for a quick fix on its own for colour correction and all day hydration. Boosted with with one of our favourite soothing and calming ingredients - niacinamide plus aloe vera – you know your skin will be kept calm all day.

A complete anti-redness and anti-ageing cream designed to prevent flare-ups and provide instant coverage

CALMWISE Soothing Cleanser

Carefully crafted to care for redness-prone skin, Calmwise Soothing Cleanser is pH balanced to ensure you receive the most gentle (yet effective) cleanse without disrupting delicate skin. Fortified with green chlorophyll to boost skin vitality and Vitamin K to support the strength of the skin and help diffuse redness - this soothing and calming cleanser conditions vulnerable and sensitised skin and supports compromised skin barriers whilst cleaning skin beautifully.

Pair with the Lipid Balancing Cleansing oil for the perfect double cleanse duo to ensure you get the most gentle yet effective sunscreen and makeup removal in the evening.