The ideal pregnancy skincare routine is unique for everyone, so to help you navigate the beauty minefield we’ve put together an overview of what might happen, or be happening with your skin while you’re expecting – and how best to treat it.

Let “gentle’ be your mantra – now is the time to simplify your routine with effective and nourishing products that are safe for you and babe.

Let “gentle’ be your mantra – now is the time to simplify your routine with effective and nourishing products that are safe for you and babe.


It’s common for many women to experience dry skin whilst pregnant and this is because all the hydration goes to baby first! You can’t over-do it when boosting skin moistures levels, so don’t hold back on regular application of hydrating masques such as Codage or Circumference and be sure to indulge skin daily with omega rich oils, hyaluronic acid serums and nourishing moisturisers.

Our most advanced moisturiser? U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator – this treatment is in a league of it’s own with 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid and a unique delivery system that penetrates DEEPLY into skin for skin that’s plump, bouncy and undeniably ultra-hydrated. A moisturiser to change the life of your skin, and we don’t say that lightly.


When pregnant, the volume of blood can almost double in your body, which can often mean that the 'healthy glow' tips over into redness. It affects the tiny blood vessels in the face and many women will experience hot flushes and increased redness in their skin. The heat plus heightened sensitivity can also exasperate rosacea if you're already a sufferer. To manage this opt for the cooling serum from iS Clinical - not only is it lightweight and deeply moisturizing, but it's also amazing for calming redness and rosacea.

Each morning (and through the day) reach for Suntegrity 5-1 a UV Chemical Free Tinted sunscreen that renews, protects and blurs imperfections beautifully for skin that’s uniform. Supercharged with antioxidants to protect as well as Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Green Tea to soothe – redness is reduced and skin is radiant.


Hormonal changes in pregnancy can heighten skin sensitivities and you may not only find yourself more sensitive to the sun, but certain products that you previously loved could now be making your skin scream.

Here is when you need to strip your routine right back and opt for irritant-free treatments that won’t trigger inflammation. Nothing surpasses Doctor Rogers RESTORE line - a deeply nourishing and gentle offering that is a total joy to use and leaves skin supple and soothed. These simplified formulas, not only calm skin they revive, heal and enhance the complexion. Unquestionably an all-time favourite line at INÈS – we can’t champion these products enough, especially when it comes to compromised and sensitive skin types.


With raging hormones, an increase in oil secretion, and anxiety added into the mix, many women experience breakouts during pregnancy, especially around the chin, jawline and cheeks. While you need to stay away from traditional acne remedies containing retinol, you can opt for excellent alternatives such as iS Clinicals Active Serum. A do-it-all clearing, brightening and resurfacing treatment that tackles breakouts whilst also refining and brightening the complexion.

Also consider introducing a clarifying and detoxing mask that will deeply purify skin helping to keep it clear and clean. Our favourites include Mara Detox Masque, Josh Rosebrook’s Cacao Mask and NIOD Flavanone Mud Mask.


Coupled with increased sensitivity to sunlight, you can experience a surge in pigment-stimulating hormones while pregnant and these can contribute to melasma– large patches of discolouration which appear on the face. It is usually genetic and often fades post-pregnancy, but there is a chance it will linger for years to come.

The most important thing you can do is to wear sunscreen everyday even in winter, and use a high factor UVB and UVA protection. Safely exfoliating with a gentle treatment like Josh Rosebrooks Daily Acid Toner (like a gentle version of P50) this daily treatment truly delivers coupled with a high quality Vitamin C or targeted pigmentation serum such as Circumference Vitamin C, iS Clinical Super Serum or NIODs RE: Pigment will be your best approach to minimising pigmentation.

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