Crystal Retinal

When it comes to retinol, Medik8 is the industry insider's choice. This high-strength creamy serum contains the brand’s trademarked Crystal Retinal, that works up to eleven times quicker than other retinols. But that doesn’t mean increased irritation, formulated with hyaluronic acid and calming vitamin E, it's extremely gentle and leaves skin with a hydrated satin finish that feels beautiful on your skin.

This expertly formulated and incredibly consisdered retinal, is unquestionably the best we've tried.... results have been visible and impressive for both ourselves and our clients. It's safe to say we'll never not be raving about this product.

TIP: If you're new to retinol, begin with the Crystal Retinal 3, gradually working your way up the line 6 to 10 and welcome visibly brighter, firmer and smoother-looking skin (in just one tube).

Liquid Peptides

The product we can’t stop raving about. From first application to 5+ bottles in, we’ve loved this product from the first drop and can’t imagine our routines without it. The ultimate ‘booster’ product to be applied after Vitamin C in the morning and after Vitamin A at night, this is the product you need if you’re targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultra-hydrating and collagen enhancing, Liquid Peptides is 30% peptides cocktail that targets the appearance of expression lines and deeper set wrinkles with a drone based delivery system that ensures every peptide is activated where it’s needed most.

Visible lines fade effortlessly away and skin is plumped and rejuvenated and with a dose of nourishing prebiotics to promote optimum skin health.

Press & Glow

A toner with a twist, Press & Glow is your daily gentle exfoliator that resurfaces, hydrates and smooths without irritating sensitive complexions.

Utilising the ultra-intelligent poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) Press & Glow is a safe bet for even sensitive skin, as the PHAs simply exfoliate the skin's surface whilst supporting hydration. Unlike harsher acids like BHA and AHA which need to be used with caution, Press and Glow encourages the skins natural cell turnover for a more radiant and luminous results – that supports skin health, never compromising it.

Extremely effective, yet gentle enough for everyday, it even works in tune with Vitamin A to boost your results. A top seller and top pick … trust us when we say this is a toner for all.

Super C Ferulic

If you’re tackling pigmentation and overall skin brightening, this is the Vitamin C for you. With an impressive 30% ethylated ascorbic acid, this high strength serum tackles visible and stubborn sun damage while helping protect skin from further damage.

Supercharged with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant and the perfect partner to Vitamin C, plus turmeric root and botanical oils, the lightweight formula sinks in seamlessly leaving skin with boosted radiance, short-term and evenly toned-skin, long term.

Daily Radiance Vit C Cream

There is so much to love about this radiance boosting moisturiser, not only is it a true do-it-all product that works as your Vitamin C, Moisturiser and SPF - it energises your skin like nothing we’ve tried before. With a beautiful cashmere texture that melts into skin, never feeling heavy or sticky (ideal for this warmer weather!). Daily Radiance C is one of those products that all of us should have in our lineup – perfect for those with sensitivities to Vitamin C looking for a gentle alternative and a must-have for those mornings when you just a need a one-stop product.

Advanced Night Restore

This top selling, intensely hydrating night cream is packed with antioxidants, restoring peptides and plumping ceramides to nourish and maintain a healthy skin barrier. Suitable for all skin types, this nightly hydrator was created to follow your Crystal Retinal application as the perfect top coat to not only enhance results but intensely repair and restore skin overnight … wake up with plump and pillow soft skin.

TIP:A little goes a long, apply sparingly and still see the same amazing results.