Tried, tested and proven to have a myriad of benefits, this expert, multi-tasking ingredient is a supercharged antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that addresses a host of concerns. From hyperpigmentation to dull skin, premature ageing and a generally lacklustre complexion… Vitamin C is the essential ingredient in all good skincare routines, here’s your guide.

Why is Vitamin C Essential in Your Routine?

Vitamin C protects the skin against environmental factors such as UV light and pollution by fighting free radicals, it also increases the body’s natural supply of collagen to plump and boost glow. Simultaneously it also treats pigmentation by slowing the production of melanin, and helping to even out the skin tone. Yes, a true multi-tasker.

Vitamin C is the skincare ingredient that all dermatologists get behind.

How and When Should You Use Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is most commonly found in serums, and generally we advise a high quality Vitamin C serum as part of a well-considered morning routine. Serums allow for a deeper penetration and using in the AM will help protect skin during the day, as well as offering skin a little wake up call for the complexion. Vitamin C gives a noticeable boost of radiance which is something our skin craves these days, particularly first thing in the morning.

We recommend layering a Vitamin C serum underneath your SPF, research shows that it enhances sunscreen’s efficiency by defending skin from free radicals produced by sun exposure.

TIP As always we suggest a gradual approach when adding any new active into your routine and it’s no different in this case. If your skin is on the sensitive side start by applying on alternate days and work up to daily use.

From hyperpigmentation to dull skin, premature ageing and a generally lacklustre complexion… Vitamin C is the essential ingredient in all good skincare routines"

What Vit C is best for me?

Not all Vitamin C serums are created equal ...taking into consideration what type of Vitamin C is used, what percentage, how its packaged and what it's formulated with is important to ensure you are using a treatment thats stable, safe and of course effective. Investing in a quality product will ensure this.

TIP : Look for well-formulated products containing complementary ingredients like vitamin E, niacinamide, ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid which are key to enhancing Vitamin C's full potential.

Heres Our Top Picks For Every Skin Type… Discover What's Right For You


This Vit C icon from iS Clinical is the go-to’s for skin aficionados world-wide (& us too).
Pro Heal: suited to those with skinflammation, redness or breakouts. Formulated with Vit E & A + Olive Leaf to increase antioxidant protection & soothe compromised skin


Using the new and revolutionary Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate - a super-stable, gentle form of vitamin C. C Tetra is made with nourishing, pampering oils & VitaminE making this the perfect Vit C treament for those with sensitive skin or who are new to Vitamin C


This uber sustainable and potent formula PACKED with antioxidants, HA, B3 (Niacindmide), and mighty botanicals helps neutralise free radicals throughout the day, hydrates & brightens complexions and evens out skin damage.

Creamy, silky and nourishing, it’s a dream on the skin & suitable for sensitive skin too. 5 Stars


This high-strength, high-performance vitamin C serum (formulated with an impressive 30% Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Vitamin E & Turmeric Root Extract!) is ideal for those looking to blast pigmentation problems and deliver a hit of anti-ageing power. Suited to skin types that are used to or tolerant to Vitamin C - looking to step up their vitamin C game for maximum results.


Want to streamline your AM routine with a single product? This is for you.

This 3-in-1 formula is your Vitamin C, moisturiser and SPF-protecting skin from sun ageing and offering a brighter, more even complexion. This cashmere soft formula luxe moisturiser does it all in a single step.