Leonor Greyl’s 10 Hair Commandments

Leonor Greyl's president, Caroline Greyl passes on the definitive guide for your best hair yet. This 1-10 of advice, tricks and information is the perfect kick start for healthier, stronger hair.


Always brush your hair when its dry, before applying shampoo. Washing knot free hair will be easier and allow for a more effective cleanse.


If you suffer dry ends or frequently blow-dry, colour or straighten your hair, ensure to nourish ends with a pre-shampoo oil such as H’uile De Leonor Greyl to counteract damage. Apply a small amount of oil on dry hair from ears down. Brush through to distribute evenly. This essential step will detangle and nourish your hair while increasing its flexibility and adding a beautiful shine.


Always select your shampoo according to the condition of your scalp, and your hair mask according to the condition of your length and ends. Never apply a mask to the roots to upset the volume and avoid leaving your mask on for too long to prevent it solidifying and losing its nourishing properties. For fine, dry hair try Masque Fleur De Jasmin, for thick dry hair, Masque a L’orchidee, and for coloured dry hair, Crème Regeneratrice


Beware of shampoos that generate lots of lather, as they often strip hair of its natural oils. A good shampoo should not froth to work well. Only apply shampoo to the scalp, allowing the foam to rundown length to gently cleanse body and ends.


Take the time to wash your hair, at least three minutes is recommended. Ensure it is completely wet, then apply shampoo, massaging into the scalp to stimulate microcirculation. Add a little more shampoo and water, repeat process and then rinse. An efficient gesture to stimulate the scalp is to massage it for 1 minute with tips of fingers, this will activate blood flow, stimulating nutrient delivery for hair growth.


If you wash your hair frequently, every day or every other day, you should only shampoo once. Otherwise, two successive shampoos is recommended.


Always adapt your hair care ritual to the environment you are in. Climate and water quality are often underestimated influencing factors on how your hair looks and how you should take care of it. Introduce a pre-shampoo oil during summer months, to protect against UVB damage, salt water and humidity. Increase shampooing for a polluted city, or humid environment, and use a leave in conditioner when exposed to harsh water quality.


Never blow dry, straighten or iron-curl your hair without protecting your length and ends with a small quantity of no-rinse serum or a hydrating treatment. The damages caused by the heat are often very underestimated.


Introduce a hair tonique. These are a daily treatment mists which act on the hair all day long- using active ingredients to target specific hair concerns, be it dry, oily, or weak. Toniques contain trace elements, amino acids and vitamins to energize hair and avoid deficiencies. Water constitutes the rest of a composition; allowing for maximum diffusion of active ingredients. Unlike other leave in treatments, a tonique is not designed to improve your hair style by adding definition, moreover a tonique is a treatment you apply daily to improve on a hair or scalp condition. They are efficient, non-oily formulas that improve hairs beauty over time.


Finally make a habit of cleaning your hair appliances. Even a tiny bit of dust on your hairbrush can dull the natural shine of hair. Try also using a different brush for detangling, that you use for blow-drying.


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