This month, we’ve swapped out our usual cleansers to try the latest arrival from NYC’s coolest clean brand Circumference. We’ve been dosing ourselves daily with Cap beauty’s 8AM, while keeping dry winter skin at bay with U Beauty’s Super Smart Hydrator.

The reviews are honest accounts of products we use, and confidently recommend.

The reviews are honest accounts of products we use, and confidently recommend

Circumference Regenerative Daily Cleanser

After hitting our shelves this July, we’ve taken to using this uber refreshing cleanser morning and night and it’s earned a permanent spot in our bathroom cabinet.

When winter rolls around we would typically switch to an oil cleanse, but this gel cleanser is just as rich and delightfully nourishing.

It has similar slip and viscosity to an oil cleanse while forming a gentle lather with water, so you really feel it’s doing the all-important job of cleansing and purifying skin.

Rich in antioxidants sourced from repurposed olive and grape leaf extracts, as well as moringa and morula oils for hydration and comfort- skin is left soft, not tight, and complexion is bright and noticeably fresh.

A light elegant scent of bergamot, sweet orange, jasmine and sandalwood is a sensory pleasure both morning and night.

Extra ticks for its sustainability principles and beautiful glass bottle.


Die-hard addicts of the Cap beauty 10pm, we’ve stuck to a morning routine of their equally famed 8am. Two words- it works.

We don’t know how to explain it, other than a dose of this in the morning added to hot drinks, smoothies or with water alone-gives you the kick and concentration needed for a productive morning ahead.

Dubbed by cap beauty as their ‘Elevate and Levitate’ formula, taken on the regular you notice a sense of ease and control while working through your to do’s.

The formula includes herbs such as white atractyolodes and astragalus to support metabolism, reishi mushroom for its calming qualities, and rhodiola to deliver focus, creative spark and stamina.

Sweetened with monk fruit its completely inoffensive to the taste.

Rise, shine and conquer your day!

Super Smart Hydrator

This moisturiser deserves all the hype it receives. Since launching on INÈS, the word has spread rapidly and we can’t seem to keep this product on our shelves.

It has a unique feeling when applied, like that of a rich cream with the weight of a lotion that absorbs beautifully into skin, offering an instant feeling of hydration and barrier support- with NO greasy residue. Just a satin like finish that sits perfectly under makeup in the day and when used at night you wake with noticeably softer, plumper skin.

Using U Beauty’s Siren Capsule technology, Super Smart is able to deliver 5 types of hyaluronic acid deep to where the skin is most parched, with hydration lasting up to 48 hours. It’s loaded with some of our favourite skin nourishing ingredients such as oat extract, shea butter, avocado and argan oils which give skin a bouncy, heathy look. This is a moisturiser for all, and to truly experience its greatness, you need to well … experience it.

This moisturiser will forever have a place on our shelf.

This moisturiser will forever have a place on our shelf.