Why You Need It

Found in almost every cell of the body, copper has a role in wound healing, immunity and anti-inflammatory responses, which, wouldn’t you know it, declines with age. Somewhat confusingly, though, CAIS doesn’t actually contain copper, but a peptide that amplifies the action of the copper in your skin in order to turbocharge its natural regenerating and repair processes.

It boosts your collagen, too, but that’s not a unique benefit. What makes CAIS different from the rest is how quickly it can turn around a problematic complexion, (think just 3-5 days). We reach for this little bottle of blue for each of our separate skin issues: from calming rosacea, to nourishing dry or sensitive skin and healing breakouts (especially those that you’ve picked at… yes, we’re guilty of that too!) to help heal skin quickly and minimise scarring. It also gives skin an instant boost of life when applied in the mornings which we love for that instant gratification when skin is looking a little lacklustre.

Long term, this serum makes your skin more resilient and healthier to all that daily life has to throw at it. And even if you already have good skin … somehow CAIS makes it perceptibly better.

From calming rosacea-red cheeks, to nourishing dry or sensitive skin,healing breakouts & minimise scarring ... we reach for this little blue bottle for our seperate skin issues

How To Use It

CAIS is potent, so it’s worth keeping it in the refrigerator to ensure it stays that way especially during the winter months. The serum is very lightweight (water weight ) and is best applied onto just-cleansed skin, waiting a minute or so to absorb properly and to avoid sensitivity if you follow with vitamin C or anything acid-based.

And don’t be put off by the cobalt hue of the metallic-scented liquid (it truly is like blue water) – but it sinks easily and invisibly into skin, so you can layer it under any other products you use.

Even if you already have good skin … somehow CAIS makes it perceptibly better.

Expert Tip

Even if you don’t use this super serum every day, keep it on hand as your skin S.O.S to help speed up the healing process as and when needed. In-the-know facialist’s even use it to soothe skin after micro-needling treatments.

Soothing, calming, reviving and with a unique ability to resolve a wide range of problems on an equally impressive variety of skin types… this is the serum we reach for, for well… everything.