1 JOSH ROSEBROOK Daily Acid Toner

A truly elegant formula that is has wowed us (and the global beauty community) from swipe one – Josh Rosebrooks Daily Acid Toner is a results driven exfoliator that performs perfectly. Delivering effective yet gentle results this truly unique formula performs against a range of skin concerns AND is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

With the guiding principal ‘formula is queen’ the Daily Acid Toner has been created with a specific combination of proven effective acids and supporting ingredients to offset the usual aggression that acids can have on the skin – a genius approach that optimises the efficacy of the acids with no sensitising reactions. Use daily and anticipate a visible improvement in skin structure, health, brightness, balance and texture

Hands down our No.1 product pick for 2020.

Never before have we experienced such an exquisite yet simple formula that restores and protects the skins barrier so intensely. This luxurious cream contains only hypoallergenic, plant-derived and expertly studied ingredients proven to calm, nourish and soften the skin …. And oh boy do they what.

2. DOCTOR ROGERS Restore Cream

This lush hydrator has been dermatologist designed – delivering intense hydration and restoration to dry and sensitive skin with an elegant, soufflé-like texture that calms and nourishes. Fragrance free, and rich in vitamin b3 (Niacinamide) this magical formula ensured that no bouts of angry skin came our way during winter months (usually an annual ocurrance) so it’s fair to say this heavenly hydrator has won a top spot in the INÈS Hall Of Fame 2020.

3. iS CLINICAL Active Serum

Never before have we received such rave reviews from a product that has drastically helped breakout prone skin - unquestionably the ultimate go-to treatment when skin is playing up.

A product that’s made waves in the world of dermatology, the Active Serum is the darling of iS Clinicals impressive offering. Not only is it widely hailed as the problem solver for persistent breakouts but is also a top choice for effectively refining the texture of skin, softening fine lines and helping fade scars and post inflammatory pigmentation.

If you’re prone to frustrating breakouts and want a one-stop treatment for optimum skin health, we urge you to try stripping back your skincare routine and giving Active Serum a chance to works it magic.

4. SHANI DARDEN Retinol Reform

No ‘top in beauty’ list is complete without Retinol Reform. Our top-selling, top performing, cult status, multi-award winning, celebrity adored (phew!) serum is as widely praised around the world as it is here at INÈS.

Not only does this iconic retinol treatment deliver impressive results treating a myriad of skin concerns –(think everything from fine lines, breakouts to brightening) – what truly steals the show is it’s unique formula that eliminates the usual ‘down time’ of retinol. Cushioned in emollients this clever treatment absorbs quickly and distributes slowly, helping stop inflammation and peeling that often accompanies the use of Vitamin A.

Far from your run of the mill wrinkle-relaxer, Retinol Reform also has niacinamide and lactic acid in the mix, two of our favourite skincare ingredients that help even and brighten skin tone, help pores look smaller and ensure you wake up with skin that is glowing.

5. MARA Universal Oil

The face oil that you, our dear customers keep on comin’ back for. And for good reason. Universal Oil is suited to all skin types and is loaded with nutrients from ocean and earth.... Age-defying algae, plankton extract and superfood plant oils work to replenish and hydrate skin. It offers everything a daily use face oil should - soaking into your complexion with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, leaving a fresh, dewy glow to the skin and NEVER greasy.

Natural and non-toxic, there’s nothing not to love about this versatile oil. Use day, night, mixed into moisturisers or makeup for a boost of glow factor or as your primer under make-up for smooth application and a fresh finish... this golden elixir is a must have if your wanting to achieve that ever desirable glow.

5. CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Aloe Melting Masque

Labelled a hair mask, but works as quick as conditioner...nothing makes your hair feel more soft and hydrated than this luxe treatment. Plumped with nourishing ingredients such as Flaxseed Oil and Aloe Vera, this mask literally melts into each strand breathing life into areas suffering damage and moisture loss.

Either use as a mask for a more intensive treatment, or as you would a conditioner post shampoo. The glossy sheen on your hair after using this mask is no joke. Suited and loved by all hair types and pairs perfectly with Christophe Robin’s Aloe vera Shampoo. Free of nasties and full of the good stuff- this is the hair mask of 2020.