Doctor Rogers Face Wash

My daily. It’s gentle but I feel like it really does it’s job well. A cleanser I’ll always have sitting in my shower!

Mara Algae + Zinc Sea Kale Sunscreen Sérum

I have tried many SPFS and this is one that I LOVE! It’s an oil base so leaves me feeling so dewy! Sometimes I just wear this then concealer and I’m ready for my day. Big fan and have told many of my friends to get this.

“I have learnt that my skincare needs to be simple and I need to have products that work. I don’t want a million different things - just a handful that work for me”

Medik8 Crystal Retinal

I’ll never use anything else!! It’s a huge part of my skincare routine. I always make sure I have a tube spare as I never want to be without.

Perfect B3 Topical Spray

This product has changed my skin. I went through a big season with having problematic skin. I started using this B3 spray and it completely cleared it up. I am honestly blown away with the impact this product has had. I’ll always be loyal now!

MARA Volcanic Sea Clay Detox Masque

I have emptied this product two times so I must love it ha!

Doctor Rogers Restore Face Cream

A beautiful consistency that just works for me! It’s empty and I’m now waiting for it to come back into stock..( maybe I should always have a back up of this one too... )

Medik8 Blemish S.O.S

This one almost needs to be in my handbag!!

Abby x