UVA Stimulates your pigment cells (called Melanocytes) to create the pigment melanin. This is what is responsible for your tan, but also over time unwanted dark patches and sun spots are formed. It goes without saying, being extremely committed to using SPF all year round is vital in managing all types of pigmentation – particularly in the harsh New Zealand climate

That being said, you can improve an uneven tone with the right ingredients and a targeted skincare routine. Here are our top 3 recomendations to help treat, prevent and correct all forms of pigmentation.

1.Targeted Brightening Treatment

Introducing a targeted serum that focuses on brightening the skin and inhibiting melanin production is the first step to tackling pigmentation.

Look for brightening ingredients that will reduce pigmentation by inhibiting an enzyme called tyronisaise - this is what is responsible for the formation of melanin and inhibiting it is the first step in tackling pigmentation.

Our top pick? Vitamin C - the ultimate brightening agent.

Using a Vitamin C serum each morning is extremely important for protecting your skin against the sun. It's also excellent at fading sunspots and reversing sun damage – continued use of a daily Vitamin C with a decent % of Ascorbic Acid, and a well designed formulae will help keep your pigment at bay.

Power Pair Ingredients 

You can also power up your results with ingredient pairing. Niacinamide is equally great for addressing pigmentation and paired together with Vitamin C in the morning make the dream team.


Exfoliation is extremely beneficial for breaking up the pigmented cells to allow them to fade. Gentle exfoliants are essential in helping slough off surface skin cells causing a faster cell turnover and quicker fading of darkened areas.

Medik8's Press & Glow is a gentle daily exfoliating toner that improves the appearance of Hyperpigmentation - gently lifting the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brightening the skin surface.

Cleansing Complex Polish is like a facial bottle that buffs and polishes skin with both physical and biochemical exfoliation to expertly help lift and hyperpigmentation and dark spots.


Retinoids are instrumental in reversing sun damage by also encouraging cell turnover. The healthy turnover of cells will contribute to the lightening of pigmentation especially when part of a regime that includes other targeted brightening products.

Retinol and Retinoids works to not only increase cell turnover but also have excellent anti-ageing properties as it stimulates collagen and elastin production too. We love Retinol Reform, the cult product that does it all targeting the signs of aging making skin brighter, tighter and more youthful.

NOTE: we advise emailing us at info@inesstore.com (mailto:info@inesstore.com) for a tailored skin regime suited to your skin type and needs and to ensure you are using products properly. Particularly if you have sensitive skin, are new to retinol, AHAs or are using multiple products with active ingredients.