What is about French women and their hair? The way it always looks so effortlessly elegant, without being ‘done’.

According to Parisian hair institution, Leonor Greyl, French women like their hair to be natural, but in good health. They don’t spend hours styling their hair, rather they commit to daily care that improves their hair health over time.

So… what is their secret? Superior products, used sparingly.

French women invest in their products. (There is a reason all superlative hair brands transcend from Paris!). A twice weekly cleanse (max), a premium reparative mask and hair mists- be it a treatment spray or leave in tonic. They are efficient, easy to use and non-oily formulas that improve hair health over time, and they have a daily place in the bathroom shelve of elegant Francaise world over.

Leonor Greyl offer some of the most superior tonics and hair mists! These leave in formulas can be spritzed on a daily basis, requiring no rinsing. They work to not only beautify locks, but condition and treat the hair all-day-long.

Discover our top 3 leave in sprays from Leonor Greyl


Condition Naturelle

We are long time users of Condition Naturelle. It not only works as a leave in conditioner, so you can ditch this step in the shower, but it also offers great heat protection preventing damage caused by styling tools or environmental stressors


Added bonus ? It boosts VOLUME and shine. An simple spritz on damp hair, lengths and ends- (3-4 pumps), comb through, blow dry et voilà !


Lait Luminescence Biphase

For hair that’s on the slightly drier or thicker side- this one’s for you. Lait Luminesence acts as a detangler for hair prone to knots, and matted ends that are a little lack lustre.

Its rich with botanical oils and plant extracts, so instantly nourishes, leaving hair with a luminous shine (hence the name).

Its the ultimate quick ticket to polished, glossy tresses. This milky mist will also protect your hair from heat and styling tools. Spritzing post shampoo is the perfect prep for smooth, healthy, shiny hair.


Tonique Hydratant

Tonique Hydratant is a little different to the aforementioned leave in mists. Whilst Lait Luminesence and Condition Naturelle simultaneously treat and improve your styling regime, Tonique Hydratant is solely focused on improving your hairs health- daily.

Rich in seaweed, amino acids, and vitamins, this leave in treatment is the ultimate collagen boost to strengthen, moisturise and revitalise every.single.strand. Used daily- on wet or dry hair as desired, a few sprays of leave-in Tonique Hydratant, provides a blend of active ingredients to improve the health of your hair over time.

PRO TIP: Leave in treatment tonics are the perfect prep to spray on hair before heading to the beach or the slopes, protecting your strands from environmental stressors, and keeping hair in peak condition


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