Most people experience dry skin at some point. Dry skin is not only uncomfortable, but it can also cause redness and irritation, leaving the skin barrier compromised. The best face serums for dry skin should have supercharged hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, ceramides, squalane, and of course hyaluronic acid.

Serums For Dry Skin:

Hydr8 B5 Intense

Medik8’s ultimate hydrating serum is expertly designed to unlock your skins true hydration potential. By replenishing and recharging the skin’s natural moisture network, skin is flooded with multi-weight hyaluronic acid and natural moisturising factors (NMF) to immediately and longterm restore moisture levels in the skin. The result? The look of crepiness and dehydration lines are drastically improved.

Serums For Dry Skin:

Hydra Cool

Rosacea, redness and blemish prone skin that is dry will love the cooling and soothing effects of this non-oily, hyaluronic acid serum. Besides HA, it has refreshing menthol plus anti-inflammatory vitamin B5, mushroom extract, and centella asiatica making it a lightweight, anti-acneic formula that rejuvenates, hydrates, and visibly soothes the skin.


Serums for Acne Prone Skin:

iS Clinical Active Serum

Our top selling treatment for blemish prone skin, iS Clinicals Active Serum is a fast acting formula that shows results within a couple of days.

Formulated with 4 different types of naturally derived AHA’s and BHA’s- Active Serum is designed to help banish acne and prevent future breakouts by actively resurfacing the skin, dissolving dirt and unclogging pores.

“This really is one of the greatest treatment serums I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The bilberry and sugarcane really work to exfoliate dead, dull surface cells, whereas the willow bark functions as salicylic acid, unclogging pores and eliminating the severity and frequency of breakouts.” - Emily Algar, Byrdie

Also a fantastic anti-ager and overall skin brightener, helping with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts. Active Serum is a true multi-tasker and top seller for good reason.

Serums for Acne Prone Skin:

iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum

Pro Heal is a powerful Vitamin C formula with soothing olive leaf and pure vitamin E and A that is ideal for blemish prone skin with ageing concerns. It heals, calms and rejuvinates compromised skin, and is full to the brim with potent antioxidants. This serum offers so many anti-ageing benefits too.

TIP: If you have acne or blemish prone skin use Pro Heal in the morning as your protective and healing AM Serum and Active Serum at night for your resurfacing, clearing and brightening serum for accelerated results.

TIP: Treating acne is a combination of clarifying the pores while calming inflammation. The skin also needs healing ingredients to help it recover, even after the bacteria is cleared away. Purifying ingredients such as salicylic acid should be balanced with nourishing moisturisers to prevent over-drying.


Fine lines and wrinkles are common signs of aging and an indicator of a well-lived life. As you get older, the skin becomes thinner, drier, and loses elasticity. Sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle factors can accelerate the development of wrinkles.

Vitamin A, commonly known as retinol, is a crucial ingredient in maintaining a youthful complexion. It attaches itself to skin cells, reaching both the dermis and the epidermis, normalising their function and encouraging the cell to behave like its younger self.

Serums for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Crystal Retinal 3,6,10

This much celebrated retinal serum has the potential to reduce the appearance of fine lines in just 4 weeks, visibly plumping and refining the skin for a more youthful looking complexion that you can see. Crafted with retinaldehyde, Crystal Retinal requires just one conversion to retinoic acid. This means that it is able to produce results 11 times faster than classic forms of retinol . The advanced active is carefully encapsulated in a crystal structure that is broken down by the skin’s natural enzymes when topically applied ensuring maximum stability and absorption with minimal irritation.

Combined with hydrating hyaluronic acid, Crystal Retinal 6 targets fine lines and wrinkles for smooth and visibly youthful skin… if you’re concerned with fine lines and wrinkles nothing compares to crystal retinal.

“As far as retinol goes, Medik8 is the market leader” - Caroline Hirons

Serums for Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

Liquid Peptides

Our favourite plumping serum, Liquid Peptides is an innovative take on traditional peptide technology offering a powerful serum that works to visibly fade fine lines and wrinkles. As liquid peptides is massaged into the skin, the 30% peptide complex begins its multi-faceted approach to rejuvenating the skin and the appearance of plumpness is revived. Boosted with a targeted delivery system, the formula ensures every peptide is activated within the layer of skin where its needed most hydrating … a true hero formula for us with instant and long lasting results.


The two best ingredients for hyperpigmentation are vitamin C and A. Vitamin C brightens the skin and evens out the tone, lightening dark spots. The high antioxidant content also make vitamin C serums an excellent preventative treatment. Some studies show that pairing ferulic acid with vitamin C amplifies its effectiveness. Vitamin A is crucial in reducing hyperpigmentation, as it regulates melanogenesis by inhibiting tyrosinase - an enzyme vital in melanin production. (See Crystal Retinal Above For Your Vitamin A notes)

Serums for Hyperpigmentation

Medik8 C E Ferulic

Our most potent Vitamin C, Medik8 Super C Ferulic visibly brightens and improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This high-strength, high-performance vitamin C serum is ideal for those looking to blast pigmentation problems. Formulated with 30% Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Vitamin E & Turmeric Root Extract this powerhouse serum means business and is suited for those well accustomed to Vitamin C use.

Serums for Hyperpigmentation


Medik8’s cult-favourite vitamin C serum is a firm favourite for us as it features Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a stabilised, gentle form of vitamin C that is gentle on sensitive skins and C-beginners, yet still delivers impressive & visible brightening results.

The silky jojoba oil-infused formula sinks effortlessly into skin, giving a boost of instant radiance and glow. Loaded with antioxidant benefits of both Vitamin C & E, it provides daily protection from free radicals whilst brightening and evening skin tone.