Here at INÈS we’re obsessed with adaptogens, every day we add them to smoothies, tonics and teas and are addicted to their balancing and beautifying powers.

But what exactly are adaptogens? And how do they work?

Read on to learn the wonder of adaptogens their incredible healing powers.


Adaptogens are super herbs or super mushrooms that help guide your body back to its own natural state of balance. They are designed to bring us back to the middle and help aid the body’s ability to handle mental, physical and emotional stress.

The negative effects of prolonged and unnecessary stress is extremely detrimental to the body and mind (and skin!)


Cortisol is our body’s stress hormone. It works by putting us into survival mode when we encounter a ‘fight or flight’ situation. In doing so, it shuts down or suppresses functions it deems unnecessary when managing a threat such as the digestive system or your ability to regulate your mood. Whilst in certain situations its crucial to feel panicked – as you want your adrenaline to kick in when it’s a matter of survival – it’s the prolonged and unnecessary feelings of continuous stress that many of us suffer from that means cortisol levels are constantly higher than they should be which leads to sleep issues, digestive issues, moods swings, hormonal imbalances and skin issues like acne and premature ageing.

‘Stress’ is not confined to emotional trauma such as intense anxiety or depression - or feelings of severe stress. As a society focused on success, working out, busy social lives, eating well and striving to balance family, work and friends we are prone to feelings of guilt, anxiety, dissatisfaction, or feeling overwhelmed, rushed or panicked when attempting to do it all. Feelings as such are all considered ‘stress’ on the body and mind.


Called Adaptogens because of their unique ability to ‘adapt’ their function according to what your body needs. They go where they are needed and self- adjust accordingly. They work by supporting adrenal function and regulating cortisol levels helping to counteract the adverse effects of stress and normalise body imbalances.

Incredibly so, Adaptogens can calm you down and boost your energy simultaneously without overstimulating. A daily dose of adaptogens should work to help you manage stress with less impact on the mind and body.


-Increased Energy

-Boosted immune system

-Healthier Metabolism and Digestion

-Balanced Hormones

-Enhanced Mood

-Reduced Stress and Anxiety

-Healthier Skin and Hair


We suggest consulting your physician to learn how adaptogens might affect your body or interact with other medicines. It’s important to be aware of risks so we suggest discussing with your Doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or to ensure they won’t interfere with any prescription medicine you are taking.