Discover our top tips to fast track your skin to glowing glory.
Radiant, glowing, luminous skin : words that gets thrown around so much they cease to have meaning. But there’s no denying it…waking up with a dull, lifeless complexion is bleak. And you can thank this grey winter, stress, pollution, dehydration and dead skin cells for that. But not to worry, dull skin is a straight forward fix!... a few tweaks to your skincare and a bit of TLC and your skin will be singing in no time.


Here’s our top 6 tips to help revitalise your skin and leave you (dare we say) glowing!


You know the drill, you are what you eat and as always, we’re starting with the inside: enough sleep, a clean diet, 2L + water a day and some supportive supplements to boost nutritional intake and supercharge your system. This will fast-track your skin to glowing glory.

Your complexion is a direct reflection of what’s going on internally so this should be your no.1 priority if skin is looking a lil’ dusty.

TOP PRODUCTS : The Beauty Chef GLOW, Collagen Beauty Boost, Antioxidant Beauty Boost, The Beauty Chef Cleanse , Beauty Chef Adaptogen


If you’re not already using an antioxidant serum …now is the time to begin. Antioxidant treatments not only give skin a mega boost of brightening goodness they also protect your skin and strengthen it too.

Vitamin C is the most celebrated antioxidant on the market, but if you have sensitive skin or are after something a bit more gentle there are effective options for all skin types – there’s an antioxidant serum for everyone, and they really are a skin essential for getting that glow.

Our all time favourites include iS Clinical Super Serum Advance, Joanna Vargas Daily Serum, NIODS Copper Amino Isolate .


Exfoliation once a week will leave skin brighter and more refreshed than ever. You can instantly revive your complexion with intelligent exfoliation. When you exfoliate (the right way), your skin is smoothed, which in turn reflects light making it look radiant.

When you’re under 20 your skin cells turn over every 28 days but as you age turnover slows & skin needs a little assistance. As the dead skin piles up, it diffuses light making skin look dull – here’s where exfoliation steps in to save the day.

Your skin type will determine what product you should use and how often…

DAILY : Josh Rosebrook’s Daily Acid is the skincare obsession we never knew we needed. Gentle enough for everyday use, this multi-functioning, pH balancing and exfoliating treatment smooths, brightens and clarifies skin like NOTHING we’ve ever tried. In a league of it’s own - we deem this gentle solution a must have for all skin types.


Go a little deeper once or twice a week with a more hard-core exfoliation to powerfully resurface and rejuvenate your skin – Glycolic Acid is the star of the show when it comes to exfoliation as it penetrates deeply and effectively. If you have acne prone skin we suggest a solution that also includes salicylic acid and if you have sensitive skin opt for a gentle exfoliating mask or solution such as lactic acid.


Hydrated skin is the key to a dewy, luminous complexion. Hyaluronic Acid is the hero here and whether your skin is oily, dry or sensitive all skin types benefit from this gold star skincare ingredient. Opt for a serum suited to your skin type … hydrated skin = healthy skin and this is the key to optimise skin health in both the short and long term.

During the day your SPF should be hydrating enough especially if you’re using an HA Serum. At night consider sealing the deal with a nourishing night cream that will replenish your skins natural glow overnight. Look for products formulated with niacinamide (aka vitamin B3) that will give your skin an energising boost with the added bonus of brightening and tightening.

Doctor Rogers Restore Cream is moisturiser that ticks all the boxes and we’re hooked… gentle, deeply nourishing, clean and powerfully hydrating.


Masking, massaging and a little extra TLC is what will really restore your glow taking it to another level … adding a mask (or two) to your weekly routine will flood skin with an intense boost of concentrated ingredients designed to hydrate and nourish with an immediate and long term effect.

To really up the ante with you glow factor get cracking with a Gua Sha – designed to support with facial massaging, the Gua Sha stimulates circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and wakes your skin up leaving it with an un-mistakable healthy flush to the skin. An at home ritual that will change the life of your skin for good… with immediate results that look like you’ve just stepped out of a pro facial.


Depending on your skin tone, a subtle self-tan can warm up your skin instantly.

The brilliance of Vita Liberata is not just its supreme blendability (it sidesteps streaks and is incredibly easy to apply) is totally scentless, has an amazing natural colour AND doesn’t transfer, at all. The tan that develops is noticeable yet perfectly low key - using one of their treatments sparingly on the face and neck gives a healthy sun kissed radiance – just what the Dr. ordered after this gloomy winter.

Our Favourites: Fabulous Gradual Lotion, Phenomenal Self Tanner

We suggest before heading out the door using a clever brightening skin booster that blurs imperfections, evens skin tone and enhances your complexion. Vita Liberata is the do it all skin optimiser that makes skin flawless, or opt for Suntegrity 5-1 which works overtime as a UV protector, complexion perfecter whilst flooding skin with nourishing ingredients.

Follow with a hydrating mist, a brush of brows up and lip/cheek tint to optimise that healthy natural glow


TOPS PICKS : Josh Rosebrook Mist, Vita Liberata Beauty Blur, Suntegrity 5-1


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