Medik8 Crystal Retinal

A later in the year launch, but an instant sell out. Medik8 is globally revered for their clinical grade skincare that alters the state of your complexion. At the top of best-selling chart is their Crystal Retinal range. The closest you can get to prescription grade retinoic acid without the irritating side effects. This progressive range of retinal’s have fast become a customer favorite- with stock selling out within the first week of launch. A fast-acting product performing 11x faster than retinOL, with glowing results showing in just 4 weeks

Bare Hands Pedicure

This unassuming little kit of at home pedicure tools offers an elegant solution to the inelegant task of buffing and smoothing your feet.

A unique glass foot file sloughs away dead skin more effectively than any other tool we’ve experienced. While the conditioning balm infuses parched heels with hydration- giving the appearance of sillky smooth baby feet. This genius kit not only offers salon pedicure results - but it is clean, toxic free and a very sustainable solution to grooming your tootsies

With a stream of praise from those who have purchased, it’s very safe to say it’s a 2021 winner. 

Circumference Vital C Serum Antioxidant Day Serum

Since the arrival of Circumference to INÈS in June, we have not stopped recommending this serum. It ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to an effective daytime serum, and the best part- it has low irritation potential, making it tolerable for those whose skin does not agree with Vit C.

The texture is lightweight, but slightly creamy- meaning it glides over the skin and sits beautifully under makeup. Packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide- it’s an all-round high performer for your morning regime. 

Circumference has been a welcome addition to the INÈS family, offering uber sustainable skincare with zero compromise on efficacy. Our customers are just as enthused as we are with Circumference- with Vital C crowned one of this year’s top selling products

Perfect B3 Niacinamide Spray

Do not judge a product by its packaging….this boldly bottled treatment spray is one of this year’s absolute hero products. Selling out twice within a matter of weeks.

Powered by skincare super ingredient niacinamide- a potent, multi-tasker that speeds up cell turnover, hydrates, tones, exfoliates, reduces blemishes, redness and pigmentation- it has the potential to dramatically improve your complexion.

Our friends with problematic skin have been overwhelmed with the success of this product when treating their skin woes- and the word has spread.

A crowned best seller and welcome addition to INÈS- the name on the bottle says it all. 

Cap Beauty The O'Clocks, 10pm Superior Sleep

We’ve been singing the praise of this herbal sleep concoction since the moment Cap Beauty graced our shelves.

Anyone who’s tried this sleep solution has come back for more… and more, and more. 10pm has easily won its spot in our best seller line up simply because- it works! A magical elixir developed by renowned Master herbalist Rehmannia Dean Thomas, using a blend of herbs known to calm, soothe anxiety, aid digestion and support deep, deep sleep. 

We promise you will experience your soundest slumber yet. 

U beauty Resurfacing Compound

Undeniably the most hyped product of 2021- U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound has come out on top of this years best sellers.

With a unique formula that replaces up to 6 products in typical skincare regime- Resurfacing Compound is a melting pot of all the best skincare ingredients skincare science has to offer. With Vitamin C, E, A- peptides, hyaluronic acid and more.

Instantly working its charm within a fortnight of use- this do-it-all serum delivers smoother, brighter, and revitalized looking skin that your peers will notice (we promise)

Worth the price point, and endlessly celebrated by our dear customers who have sworn by its magic.